New York, New York! Part 2, or Work While Travel

So here it comes – my second day in the City, and it’s Monday today. I didn’t mention before, but my Great US Adventure is not 100% leisure, it’s a bit of work as well – out of 3 weeks there are 5 days (3 in NY, 2 in Boston) when I need to meet US colleagues, vendors, check some co-working spaces and conduct couple of interviews. And it’s actually even more exciting, as I have a chance to experience NYC life not only as a tourist, but pretend that I’m living here.

I wake up before alarm rings (never happens to me in “normal” life!), dress, grab my laptop and head towards the PATH train station. This time there’s way more people out there! (Reminded me of my work days back in Kiev, strangely, I wasn’t that mad now, though still had a sigh of relief that I don’t have to pack myself into trains each and every morning now when living in Budapest).

Today I’ll be working from WeWork Soho West, and it’s my first experience with WeWork. I used to work in co-working spaces before, mainly when I was going back to Kiev, so I knew what to expect, but WeWork turned out to be completely different! First, they are global – only in NYC there are more than 30 of WeWorks, some of them are just 5 minutes walk from one to another. Second, they are HUUUUGE! The one I’m checking out today is 17 floors, with lots of common spaces, kitchens, private offices, balconies or even rooftops. And they have beer on tap 😉 (it’s a shame I don’t drink beer though!)

Over next few days I will check 4 more of them, but today it looks like this:

imag8082Looks like a cool speakeasy bar, doesn’t it? 😉

So today it’s pretty much a standard working day, with couple of Skype interviews, sync calls with my colleagues and some important tasks to be finished before I start to my full-time holiday.

Work goes great, since the whole atmosphere of NYC is quite inspiring – you see all of those people nicely dressed, busy, talking on their phones and rushing to the important meetings, and you want to be a part of that crowd.

At around 1 I start to feel hunger hitting my body, and as I have one hour before next call, I decide to explore the surroundings and find a nice place to eat. Foursquare, my all-time favorite for finding good places, overwhelms me by the number of options, rated 8 and higher in the 5-minute walking distance proximity – that’s definitely not something I’m used to living in Eastern Europe!

I have to confess here – being a fan of Mike Ross (and Harvey Specter, but Mike Ross in the first place!) from Suits – I had to go for an NY bagel – rush out for a short lunch break, grab a slightly toasted bagel with cream-cheese, eat it on the way back – that’s the feel! But with so many options available around, I opt-in for steak at Westville (Hudson) – another must-do in NYC, and I’m not disappointed!


After a decent lunch I am back to work, but I start to be quite impatient, as what I planned for tonight is seeing (and crossing) the Brooklyn Bridge!

Living in Budapest, I started to love bridges, I love the cities with the rivers, enjoy crossing the bridges, as they open spectacular views and for me they have quite a soft romantic touch. So I’m very hyped about walking one of the most scenic bridges in NYC, and the time starts to fly by even faster!

Finally, I’m done with all the work planned for today, and happy and energised, I leave the WeWork. As I love walking, especially while travelling, and Google says it won’t take me more than an hour, I decide just to stroll towards the bridge. With some shopping on my way (as much as I hate wasting time for shopping while travelling, I sometimes can’t resist popping into some random shops, and in most cases it proves to be quite a successful strategy!), it takes me slightly more to get to my destination point, but I don’t complain – it’s cool to be a part of the crowd that has now finished their work and is ready to continue their evening meeting friends, going to the gym or doing whatever else.

Finally, I find myself entering the bridge, and there couldn’t be a better time for it – the sun starts to slowly go down the horizon, spreading its gentle light over the city, flecking from the Hudson river and creating that special atmosphere.

I can’t find enough words to describe all the feelings and emotions boiling inside of me as I’m crossing the bridge – fascination, happiness, joy and harmony would probably be the most accurate ones. It’s beautiful, stunning, it makes my heart soar!

By the imag8117time I cross the bridge, it’s dark outside, and the city is lit with thousands of lights. I take a random walk along tiny European-like streets, inhabited by boutique hotels, small shops and cafes.

Wouldn’t you love to live on a Love Lane?

Half an hour later I find myself at Brooklyn Heights Promenade – an alley along the Hudson river with astonishing views over Manhattan.

The Promenade is equipped with benches, and you can see lots of couples sitting there, contemplating the night coming down the city.

There are also lots of runners and joggers, and looking at them I start thinking of how great it would be to run along such a magnificent promenade, but then I remember that I hate running (and actually not allowed to).


It’s getting late, and I start to feel fatigue, so I decide to head towards the bridge back to Manhattan, but there’s a place on my way which was recommended to me by a friend of mine for it’s location just at the bridge with a view over it: The River Cafe. As I finally reach its doors, it turns out to be quite a fancy and popular spot, and they don’t have places at all, even at the bar. (So I’d suggest you book it in advance once you decide to pay a visit). But I manage to notice elegant interior of the place and of course the views. “Next time!”, I think while leaving The River Cafe and climbing the stairs that will take me to the bridge and then to Manhattan, train and eventually home.

One last glance from the bridge, now brightly illuminated, and I’m heading home, tired but again happy and satisfied.



2 thoughts on “New York, New York! Part 2, or Work While Travel

  1. I love Brooklyn…such a textured borough where all nationalities come together in their first stop in their new home in America. Recalling my visits there. I could smell so many cuisines walking down a Brooklyn boulevard ….with hints of garlic then curry …and then coriander wafting through the air…I am jealous, Elena! A wonderful trip installment!

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