I’m Elena and I’ve started this blog as I have always been passionate about writing.

This blog is primarily focused on my travels, as this is my other passion, and over years, I found it quite difficult to remember small details of my journeys – they fade away with time, blend with each other, and very soon, the only thing you can say about your adventure is “That was cool!”

At the same time, writing helps to capture and preserve the memories, imprint them in paper, make them last longer, save the feel  and atmosphere of the moments when you were the happiest, and evoke the emotions which you once experienced.

I’m originally Ukrainian, but currently live in Budapest, Hungary, as I once fell in love with the city and understood that I want to live there.

I’m deeply convinced that traveling is one of the best ways to broaden your horizons, explore the world and – yourself. After each journey you come back a different person, and that’s the better version of you.

In my non-traveling life I’m doing HR for a tech company, and I care deeply about people, inspiration and dedication and the ways of how I can help others succeed, as for me my own success is not about achieving something myself, but helping others to be at their best.

Welcome to my world and I hope you’ll love it here!