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Disclaimer #1

The primary reason why I am writing this blog is to keep my memories fresh. I don’t claim my opinion to be the ultimate truth, I’m rather sharing my experience and if it happens to be helpful to someone – in building the route, finding great places and avoiding not so good ones, saving time and money and seeing more out there in this great world – I’d be very happy.

Disclaimer #2

I don’t believe in division between “tourists” and “travelers” and I find it quite snobbish to say that those who go to touristic places are not “real” travelers.

I like to stay in hostels for their vibe and opportunity to meet people and socialise, as well as I love staying in hotels for their comfort and chance to have a proper sleep and enjoy the buffet breakfast.

I can find pleasure in exploring secluded areas and getting lost in places where you can hardly find people as much as seeing world’s famous sights and places of interest.

The world is huge and there’s so much to see in it, and touristic places became such for a reason, and I’m sure you’ll be astounded by the view of Times Square or Eiffel tower when you see it for the first time (as well as second and tenth to be honest).

It all depends on your current state and wish, and it changes at different stages of your life.

Disclaimer #3

English is not my native language, and this fact might have its consequences. Again, I’m writing it primarily for my self, so see Disclaimer #1

Disclaimer #4

All the pictures featured in this blog are taken by me if not stated otherwise.

Enjoy The Way!

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